Why People Stay in Low Paying Jobs?

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It is quite an unrealistic idea that people prefer to stay in low paying jobs, but the fact of the matter is that it is happening everywhere in the world. The people are forced to work in low paying jobs, even in the worst work conditions. There are people, who are forced to work extra hours without any higher pay, and such jobs also affecting their health and balance of life, but still, they do it. There must be some reasons for such workers to stick with low paying jobs, which are forcing them to stay there. Here, we are going to look at some possible reasons, why people stay in low paying jobs: 

  • People may prefer to stay in low paying jobs because they have so many fears in their minds. It is a situation, where a person is fighting with his/her fears, like what would happen, if he/she would leave this job, how I would earn my livings, etc. Such kind of people has a mindset that if they would leave this job, then they may not get another job so easily, then how they would manage their expenses.
  • There are people, who stay in low paying jobs because they are afraid of any change. When they think that they would have to join a new organization, and they would have to comply with the new work environment; they feel frightened that they may not be able to handle this change. They believe that doing a current low paying job is good for them, and they can continue like this.
  • Some people stick to low paying jobs because they don’t have any better options. There can be a varietyof reasons, why they don’t have good alternatives. One good reason can be their skills and capabilities; they know that their skills and capabilities are limited, and it would be hard for them to learn new skills to handle a variety of tasks. Others don’t look for better jobs, because their educational background is weak. They know that their education level is not up to the mark, so they won’t get better jobs with this qualification.
  • Some workers find themselves trapped in low paying jobs because they are living their lives based on pay-check to pay-check. They know if one check would be missing, they would have any financial resources to feed their family and to pay their utility bills, insurance payments, etc. So, eventually, this trap gets them into a comfort zone, where things look normal from the outset, but actually, they have been trapped in low paying jobs, and they have no idea, how to get out of this situation. 
  • There are workers, who don’t want to learn new things and skills. They have low confidence in their personality, and they believe that they can't try something big. These are people, who stop challenging themselves and stop exploring their inner strengths. If they have developed the courage to throw a challenge to oneself; then they may be able to look for a better job. 
  • Some workers stick to low paying jobs because somehow they have lost their motivation of any sort. They feel satisfied with the current situation, and they don’t have any urge to make their life a better one. Some of them may be de-motivated, because they have tasted failure at some point in their life, and now they feel that there is no point to make any efforts. Such people also lack any kind of inspiration in their lives. 
  • Some people may have chosen a professional field, which does not have enough high paying jobs. So, they complete their education to work in such fields, and when they start working, they come to know that there are not enough high paying jobs, and it may take several years to go up on the career ladder. So, a wrong decision made in their early life, force them to compromise with their current living, and they have to stick with the low paying jobs 

We have talked about several possible reasons, which can force people to stay in low paying jobs. Some of these reasons are universal, and many people can face these situations. But it is also important to keep in mind that each individual can have different circumstances, and those circumstances may force them to stick with low paying jobs. It means that situations can vary for each individual, who is staying in a low paying job.  


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