My Owls Through Art

I'm on a captivating journey of collecting owl figurines crafted from various materials such as wood, ceramics, stones, clays, candles, glass, and even through the lens of talented wildlife photographers. Each piece, including a striking taxidermy owl, captures the essence of these majestic creatures that never fail to astound me in their natural splendor.

The allure of owls captivates me deeply, mesmerizing me as I gaze upon their real-life counterparts. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit a zoo, I find myself entranced by their graceful movements and haunting calls, wishing I could immerse myself further into their world. Yet, as a city dweller, experiencing their natural habitat feels distant.

However, on this remarkable April 9th of 2024, I find myself pleasantly surprised as I hold a stunning owl painting, a gift that has brought me immeasurable joy. This gift is even more special because it was crafted by the skilled hands of two remarkable artists, Hartt Alfafaras and Siref Artfinder, whose work has graced prestigious exhibits in Iloilo City, Philippines. 


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