5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Married Ever

 Here’s Why Some People Don’t Want To Get Married-

Some people daydream about their wedding, what dress they will wear, what arrangements they would like, and where the dream wedding will be, they have it all planned. 

However, some people never want to get married. Did you know according to the Pew Research Center millennials refuse to get married? They consider marriage as a suffocating knot around their neck. But that’s not all. According to the National Marriage Project, more and more young adults are delaying marriages as they feel it slows down their professions, or even worse, stops it.

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Married Ever-

We all know someone who never wants to get married. Despite professional accomplishments and independence, they are against getting married at all costs. And it’s their call to make. Without any delay, let us have a look at 5 reasons why some people never want to get married-- and it’s okay!

#1. Marriage isn’t the only goal-

For some people, marriage isn’t a goal to accomplish. There is no timeline that they must get married at a certain age, and of course, there is no rush. They like to wander around and if they find someone who is like-minded, they will get married, no matter how old they are. 

#2. Marriage is Overrated-

Some people think of marriage as being overrated. They find independence more comfortable than getting married to someone and living the rest of their lives with them. For them, marriage can wait and independence is far better than living with someone and adapting to their lifestyle. 

#3. Marriage can present financial problems-

Of course, living with someone can present a slew of financial problems. Planning vacations, inviting family and friends for dinner parties, going out on dinner dates frequently, all of this can put a dent in your bank account. 

#4. Marriage puts friendships at risk-

Most single people avoid getting married as they think it will put their friendships at risk. You tend to spend less time with your friends and more with your spouse. Your friends don’t contact you as much as they would before you got married as they think they might disturb you. 

#5. Marriage can lead to a habit of relying on someone-

Last, but not least, marriage can even make you depend on someone for your emotional needs. And this thought scares single people. You always have a shoulder to cry on. You can rant after a bad day and celebrate on happy days. But what if they vanish one day? How will you deal with the heartbreak and who will you then turn to for your emotional needs? The fear of emotional attachment stops people from getting hitched. 

The Bottom Line-

The bottom line is, to each his own. Some people plan a dream destination wedding in their childhood while others run away from it. After all, marriage is a personal choice and shouldn’t be forced. Additionally, marriage is no fantasy. It is having to deal with rough patches, financial problems, health issues, and all crises but not alone, with a partner. At the end of the day, it requires a serious commitment of time and energy. So one should only get married only if they are ready for it. 


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