Workmates originate from a range of perspectives: spiritual, economic, intellectual, and so on, so it's ridiculous to expect everyone to get along. There is also a corporate conflict to consider. You could be a rival for a transfer or campus recruitment.

But, because we've all arrived with the same purpose in mind, namely to make a living, and because we pretend to be members of civilized society, we must exhibit appropriate compassion and acceptance for one another to have a positive working relationship. You may or may not mingle with them outside of the workplace; nonetheless, you must avoid unpleasant sensations.

Every individual has a unique trait, and when you can truly appreciate it in your coworkers, I believe you have conquered half the battle. They'll begin admiring yours as well. You are not needed to validate your dislike for them. Although it's unrealistic to expect to like everyone, philosophies, childhoods, and other political and social elements contribute to disparities. If this were up to you, you would have entirely avoided that individual, but the irony is that you now have to deal with them. 

Here are some certain things which you should always remember if you’ve got differences between you and your colleague

Don't speak ill

Allowing your hatred for this person to bleed over into the rest of your work life or poisoning your other coworkers is not a good idea. This isn't high school; it's a place of business. It's a horrible, immature appearance to talk trash. In that person's company, staying classy also entails being aware of your body language, sighs, and eye rolls. You may believe you're subtle—or amusing—but you aren't. Rudeness is never attractive.

Don't take anything too seriously.

Some folks are not worth your time and effort. Your coworker could be completely inept—or a complete jerk. It's not about you in any case, and it's not worth allowing annoyance to get in the way of your work and professional development. That's why you're at work: to be a nice person and a valuable employee.

Think of this that how much time you're wasting disliking this individual. Concentrate on yourself, your work, and the goodness you can accomplish to offset the rage that this person causes! It would be best if you always stood with the fact that only you can control your actions. As a result, improve your behavior. Make use of every opportunity you have.

Kill with compassion.

Whenever in uncertainty, fall back on your most courteous self. Whether you have to, pretend it until you achieve it—acting delightful as a cake isn't easy, but it will make you look competent. Basic greetings such as "hi" or "wave" when crossing them in the corridors and "good bye" after departing for each day should suffice. You can't make somebody adapt, but you can modify your behavior around them and how much effort you put into the world.

It's inevitable that you'll stumble into folks with whom you don't get along—all its part of growing up. If you need to have a chat, talk to your loved ones, then go to work every day, smile sweetly, and get your job done.


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